Texas Farm Girl – The Ocean Conference

This week is BIG – huge even. This is the week of the United Nations Ocean Conference and yours truly will be attending at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. I’m leaving the great state of Texas and headed to New York for a cause that’s incredibly important – environmental advocacy.

The Ocean Conference is a gathering of top industry leaders, UN delegates, government representatives, civil society organizations and many other groups and individuals with one goal: to reverse the decline in the health of our oceans.

While the conference is a platform for all types of ideas, potential solutions and plans to help, one of the focus points is how sustainable Aquaculture can play an important part of improving the health of our oceans.  That’s where Texas Farm Girl: Aquaculture Farming can come in and make a difference with a sustainable solution.

Aquaculture farmers like Global Blue Technologies produces seafood in a sustainable way that takes pressure off our oceans. Global Blue produces shrimp on their farm that are not only delicious, but actually help preserve the oceans and our environment – which is exactly what The Ocean Conference and the UN Environmental Programme are striving towards

Wish me luck this week as I present Texas Farm Girl: Aquaculture Farming in conjunction with the International Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources (IFCNR.org) to the United Nations and begin to develop relationships with UN delegates from around the world.  From farm roots to the United Nations, may we show the world how to change, one step at a time.