YouTube Isn’t the Only Influencer for Our Kids!

As a farmer, I’m blessed to find my home in a state that has so much to offer. With Texas being one of the top food producers and the top location for women-operated farms in the country, there is a ton of room for growth and innovation to better serve my country. But by no means does that mean that farming is an easy choice to do so. Farming requires early mornings, late nights, running heavy machinery, dealing with unpredictable weather, managing livestock, and feeding a growing population. Farmers are the backbone of this country, and it’s important that people understand what it took for their food to end up on their plate and their clothes to end up on their back.

According to a Southwest Farm Press article, more people are beginning to recognize the importance of agriculture—especially at a young age. With the rise of farm-to-table operations, emphasis on organic eating, and overall push for greener, healthier lifestyles, more kids in elementary schools are being taught agriculture’s role in our lives. More advanced agricultural education is also taking place among older grades as health education is becoming the norm. As someone whose passion and pursuits lie in educating and inspiring our younger generation, it’s encouraging to hear that other institutions are doing their part to also teach children about the importance of farming.

Photo via Yaoinlove/Shutterstock

Parents have a big influence in the lessons children learn at a young age, but so do many other factors. Children are influenced by school, friends, church, extracurricular activities, movies, TV, and just about everything else they come in contact with daily.  Let’s not forget to mention YouTube and the large number of influencers it has with DIY’s and much more! Teaching your own kids through experiences and hard work is wonderful and important, but if your work life has given you another opportunity to make a positive change for the younger generation, pursue it. That’s one of the main reasons I wrote the Texas Farm Girl series—I wanted to use my life experiences in farming to not only entertain with a book, but to educate and inspire others. The possibilities for your own inspiring project are endless. Whether you’re a doctor, teacher, business owner, engineer, anything—there are ways to use your God-given talents to impact others. We were all placed on this beautiful earth for a reason, and we can all make it better by using our lives to touch those following our footsteps.