A passion for the betterment of society

A problem that the farming industry has been facing for the better half of the last century is inciting an interest in farming as a career to young men and women. Currently, the age of the average farmer is 58 and this number has been rising consistently. While this may appear normal to some, as many people think of farmers as members of older generations, this could be detrimental to the fact that farmers are currently working to increase food production for a quickly growing population. In other words, a decline in farmers means less mouths will be fed.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve heard me stress the importance of farming in our society. Food isn’t mass produced on its own, so it’s important that our younger generation learns what positive impacts they have the potential for through farming. There are, of course, many great opportunities to make a difference for society in the city. But teaching children about a range of professions that have important impacts on the world will give them a well-rounded knowledge in what they can do for the betterment of our world as they grow into young adults. It’s about learning what you can do with your skills each day to serve the world around you.

Teaching children about a range of professions will also help them realize other skills and interests can intersect with farming. For example, something many young people are interested in is entrepreneurship and running their own businesses. Farming is perfect for this, especially in rural areas that have land to offer. Another factor, one that is definitely applicable to the younger generations, is the new importance of technology in agriculture. Innovation has a huge role in farming and technology, allowing the opportunity for younger people with interests in technology, business, and science to be their own bosses and bring modern innovation to farming techniques.

As I strive to share messages of hard work and dedication though my Texas Farm Girl books and social platforms, my hope is that I can inspire parents and children to find a passion in serving others, and to have integrity in doing so. If your children are called to the city, then by all means should they fulfill their purpose. But an understanding of both rural and urban professions will not only help children learn what they want to pursue, but it will also give them an appreciation for farmers and other workers who do more for the world than many realize.