Be Thankful for our National Anthem and Thank Those Who Serve

Do you know our National Anthem? If so, do your kids, grandkids, classroom students know it? If not, now is a better time than any to learn it and teach it to our children and instill it in their hearts.

At the Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday at halftime, Neal McCoy honored our service men and women by performing the songs of each military branch as members of each branch stepped onto the field with former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. It was beautiful and I couldn’t have been more honored than to be among so many American heroes standing at attention. It was a solid reminder to me of why we value what our founding fathers did so many years ago to set the foundation of freedom in our country. Our American Flag and the National Anthem are a huge part of that freedom. For that we should be thankful.

With all of the controversy surrounding the National Anthem whether you engage in it or not…we MUST, every American, respect the Flag and all of these faces that serve. Without them, none of us would have the freedom of speech we have today and the ability to speak up.

My grandfather and my father were both in the Air Force and when I was a child, I was told to stand at attention with my hand over my heart when the National Anthem was played, to keep my eyes on the flag, and not to talk during the Anthem.  If my parents caught me misbehaving during the Anthem, I was disciplined later at home.  That’s the product of a family that supports the military and knows the importance of our country’s roots.

Not respecting the American Flag should never become the norm in our country.  EVER!  The way to prevent that norm from happening is to teach the young generation how important the flag is and to instill the National Anthem into their hearts. It starts there and we as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, etc. should all do our part to promote our American freedom with children today by setting the same foundation our founding fathers did.

How do we expect our kids to grow up and continue to keep our founding fathers intentions alive if we don’t instill that in them today?

Start here!  Teach them the song and sing along with them.  Never late than never.  And the next time you see someone who has served or serving our country, be sure to say thank you. They deserve it!