Quitting Doesn’t Have to Be Negative

“Quit” is seen as such a negative word. For many, it’s synonymous with words like “failure,” “lazy,” or “incapable.” But that doesn’t have to be the case. While it is important to work hard and persevere during times of hardships and trials, quitting can play an important role in your long term success and growth depending on the situation you are in.

Earlier this week I shared on my social media an article from AgWeb that provided a very interesting perspective on figuring out when is the best time to quit. Writer John Phipps explained that “there is indeed a time for every purpose under heaven,” and this proved to be true in the narrative he shared of his son quitting farming at the young age of 59. With a mix of good planning, financial saving, and a little luck, this turned out to be the best decision for Phipps’ son even though his business was going well for him at the time of his quitting. This choice doesn’t make his son “lazy” or a “failure”—it shows he was proactive and capable of making the best decision for his own success.

Quitting can be a positive decision in both the good and the bad times, and in many aspects of our lives. But it can also be tough to decide when the time to take that step is. It takes a lot of soul searching and prayer to find the correct guidance, and the right decision isn’t always the most logical on the surface. As Phipps said, “Neither should you expect academic or media voices to inform your decision. I cannot recall a ‘get out now’ advice article in my four decades of farming.” Life is risky and unpredictable, but no matter what you decide, God will always provide. Whether it’s a job, relationship, or other activity that plays a big role in your life, deciding to “quit” can be a scary, but a positive change when it’s time to choose a different path at the fork.  The choice can open you up to new opportunities and experiences you wouldn’t have otherwise been a part of, which can in turn help you discover what your true purpose is. Remember that when one door closes, God always makes sure another one will open.