The Most Amazing Christmas Present to Yourself

Every day is a gift. And each day we must live every moment with the purpose we were designed for. Part of the secret to happiness is to figure out what your gift is and to offer it to the world without worrying what others will think or what they might tell you that you should do.

Worrying about society’s standards and holding others in a grudging eye takes away from that happiness and abundance we all seek.  It takes away the purpose for why we are here, and in reality, holding a grudge and judging others is only a symptom of not knowing how to spend your gift of today.

If you are so excited about path you’re headed on and the gift you have to offer, how would you have time for grudges?  It just doesn’t make sense.

It’s important to think for yourself and put your energy into your God given gift, not into the negativity of holding a grudge, worrying about everyone else’s challenges, or what people think.  Every day you live is a gift, and every day you have an allotted amount of time to develop and grow your own gift.

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Your Christmas present this year is not under the tree.  Your Christmas present is within yourself.  Dig in and pull out your true gift and drop the grudges around you.  Then, pass it down the chain to your family by setting that example.

Life is short.  We don’t have much time.  So live your gift every day and actualize it to the fullest!