What kind of lifestyle do you lead?

For me, farming isn’t just my job. It’s naturally a huge part of my lifestyle. This is in part because the occupation itself requires constant attention, but also because I genuinely love and am fulfilled by the work that we do at Lone Star Family Farms—enough to write a children’s series about my experiences growing up on the farm! There are many of us whose passion lies in the work we do with our career, but for others that passion lies outside of work. For some, you’re still trying to find something that really fulfills your purpose. No matter where you find your fulfillment, what’s important is to find a kind of lifestyle that not only makes you happy but makes in impact on the world around you.

A positive lifestyle has many looks. It can be as big as running an organization that provides hope, healing, or daily needs to people, or as small as volunteering at that organization once a week. If you do your day-to-day work simply to pay the bills (which is completely OK), try to find something outside of work to look forward to. Doing things that make you happy is not only good for your wellbeing, but will impact and inspire those around you. For you, maybe this looks like taking the kids to the local soup kitchen on Saturdays to serve. Or maybe it looks like instructing fitness classes for people trying to live healthier lives. It might even look like writing a book (or books), creating inspiring art, or volunteering in children’s ministries or programs.

Whatever it is that you’re passionate about, strive to use it to live a positive lifestyle that touches everyone around you. We were all created with a purpose, and we’re all in this life together, so why not use your gifts for the good of everyone? The world today is full of so many unique opportunities, and if you think there isn’t something out there you’re passionate about, you’re absolutely wrong. You can find joy in many different lifestyles if you live a life that seeks purpose and positivity!