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Growing up on her family farm in the tiny Texas Panhandle town of Sunray, Rebecca Crownover dreamed of one day becoming a successful author and – inspired by the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit of her dad and two grandfathers – owning her own business.


Now, drawing on the true-to-life stories and great life lessons that came from her special relationship with her “PawPaw” and helping him run the farm, Rebecca celebrates her cherished roots as a “Texas Farm Girl” with an exciting series of inspiring, award-winning children’s books.


The first book in the series (titled Texas Farm Girl:  Farming in the Texas Panhandle) found the protagonist – a young character based on Crownover’s childhood – learning from her PawPaw the hard work that goes into farming. She comes to understand how devastating it can be when a big storm comes through and rips it apart. Crownover imparts key life lessons as the young girl learns how to focus on the positive even under dire circumstances.


Quickly creating a regional and then growing national sensation, Texas Farm Girl: Farming in the Texas Panhandle was a Christian Literary Awards nominee in the Children’s Book category. Rebecca was named 2014 Mascot Books Author of the Year, and won the coveted 2014 “Moving America Forward” Award, presented by Retired Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney, for being an innovative entrepreneur. This was presented to the author on William Shatner’s “Moving America Forward,” a national TV series that celebrates the achievements and contributions of businesses and entrepreneurs across the U.S. From numerous cities in Texas to Los Angeles, Rebecca has also been featured in many national media outlets, including Progressive Farmer Magazine (Cover December 2014), Successful Farming Magazine, Texas Farm Bureau’s national marketing in agriculture and numerous local radio and TV shows.


Rebecca followed up with the series’ second release Texas Farm Girl: Reap What You Sow. In this story, TFG learns from her PawPaw the meaning of that phrase when she makes a big mistake overlooking key details when she’s planting corn. With this story, Crownover’s goal is to show how the lesson applies to everyone so that “we can overcome adversity and shine like a Lone Star Pearl.”


Always finding ways to combine her freewheeling creativity and entrepreneurial energy, Rebecca found a unique way to complement the conventional animated “book trailers” she created to promote the series: by developing the song “Texas Farm Girl” with her childhood friend, Nashville-based country music artist, Billy Dawson. Grammy Award-winning producer, Skidd Mills, produced the track. Mills has worked with ZZ Top, Saving Abel and Daughtry, among others.


“Texas Farm Girl is about a girl who loves to farm, who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty, who has integrity, works hard and consumes her life with her passion for farming and business,” says Rebecca about the uniquely autobiographical concept. “We use the song to bring more excitement to the brand. So much of country music these days shows farm girls in their Daisy Dukes and I didn’t want to portray that image with my brand. ‘Texas Farm Girl’ is something the whole family can enjoy with a wholesome and positive influence!”