Celebrate the Fourth with Thanks!

Happy Fourth of July weekend y’all!

In preparation for Wednesday’s big holiday, most folks are planning cookouts or vacations. I know I’ll be scouting out the best fireworks spot to celebrate the day.



Fourth of July is a great holiday that reminds us of the beauties and blessings we enjoy living in the USA. It’s a day usually spent with family and steeped with individual traditions of favorite foods and fireworks. While I think the greatest gift is to be able to celebrate the holiday with family, I also think that sometimes we forget to be thankful (especially on the Fourth of July) for the men and women who serve in our military.



No matter your political affiliation, there’s no denying that these men and women, and the families they support, make sacrifices on behalf of Americans each and every day. They might not get to celebrate the Fourth of July with their families, but we can celebrate their service! I am so grateful to the great people who had dedicated their time to serving our country and protecting our freedom.


Sometimes we don’t appreciate our freedoms as we should. Every now and then, try to remind yourself that other countries might not have the same rights and freedoms we enjoy. Be proud to be an American and thankful that each and every day you can speak your mind and enjoy the beautiful country our service men and women have fought to protect for us all.


Thank you to all the men and women and families of the armed forces! A special thanks to those in my own family who have served and my cousins who are serving today.  May you all have a blessed Fourth of July!

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