Have you thanked a farmer today?

How many meals have you prepared this week? How many trips did you make to the grocery store or market for fresh produce? Two? Three?

We take great time and care with the meals we prepare and the healthy snacks we enjoy, but hardly any thought is given the farmer who fought to bring the meal to our tables.

Farmer’s sacrifice holidays, endure droughts and wildfires, and face the uncertainty of each season all in the name of the harvest enjoyed by so many.

Often when farmers are recognized, it’s in a negative light and accusatory. I came across an incredible open letter from Texas Farmers to the people they feed on Texas Table Top the other day. In this letter, farmers address common misconceptions held by consumers.

Texas farmers care about their crops. They value the health of their livestock and the importance of the environment.

Most of all, they care about the people their nourishing. Farming is more than a job. It’s about providing for their families as well as ours.

So tell me…have you thanked a farmer today?

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