Try Something New!

School’s almost out! What will you do with your summer?

You could go to the beach or tackle a monstrous summer reading list. Maybe you’ll spend the precious summer hours discovering something new and exciting.

The arrival of warmer weather opens up a world of possibilities. Use the long, sunny days to your greatest advantage. Find your passion. Try something new – try a dozen new things.

Take heed of that voice in the back of your mind that whispers, “that looks like fun” when you see a gardener harvesting the fruits of their labor – or when you see a cyclist speeding down a winding road. Use this summer to do twelve things you’ve never done before. Fishing, camping, gardening, biking, hiking, singing, skateboarding, painting, or even something that you’ve always dreamed of.

Why not use the summer to write the great American novel? Go volunteer at your local children’s hospital as a candy striper to see if the medical field holds your heart. Wander through parks and across mountain paths taking photos. Who knows? Maybe photography is your calling.

We have a beautiful but fleeting opportunity to find what joys call to us and make our hearts race with hope. That feeling of hope and piqued interest – that’s God’s influence. Take the time to reflect on yourself and who God is asking you to become. What gifts and passions did he bestow upon you?

Now is the time to pursue them!

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